We, as a geophiscal research firm, are producing economical solutions inspired by science and provided by our experienced staff.

Our firm which is established in 19997 in Antalya isgiving services for the following branches: geophysical , geological, mining, archeological, civil engineering and agriculture by an experienced engineering staff.

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Our Services

Geotechnics, Mining, Groundwater, Archeogeophysical branches.


Engineering geology, geophysical applications, hydrogeology, all scientific studies, belongs to rock and/or ground mechanics, are in scope of geotechnics.


Researching mining resourches on the earth, identification of mineralization, approaching to the outcomes of certain questions such as shape, location, depth by using latest technology and precious know-how and experience.


The lack of groundwater sources is one of the biggest problem in our century. Our firm, Anomali Yeraltı Mühendislik Hizm.Ltd.Şti., carries out searching process by using latest geophysical equipment in the groundwater searching areas.


The geophysical methods used for finding archeological remainings is in scope of the archeogeophysic. Archeogeophysic is A “I HIDE, YOU FIND” game between ancient and modern – day civilizations. “Hiding in where and how” is the subject of geophysic and archeology.

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