Engineering geology, geophysical applications, hydrogeology, all scientific studies, belongs to rock and/or ground mechanics, are in scope of geotechnics. Engineering structures to be executed in a certain order with a proper application before erecting the engineering projects in order to examine ground and structure relationship of them. Furthermore the new grounds which are ready for zoning, landslide, the risk of slope failure area and having potential liquification on the ground have been determined and carried on a study by means of shaping the structures. Thus, all these application are to be carried out under favour of geotechnics studies. Anomali Yeraltı Mühendislik Ltd.Şti. has a principle of applying geotechnics with an experienced staff in order to provide required parameters to you reliably.

Searching mineral resource on earth, defining the mineralization and giving answers by using latest technology to its shape,depth and location. The density of mineral, magnetization feature, electrical conductivity, which mineralization resource consist of, play an important role in researching the mineralization resource. Accurate zone observation + Proper technology = Accurate Outcome . We are proud of for being the guide of mining.

The lack of groundwater sources is one of the biggest problem in our century. Our firm, Anomali Yeraltı Mühendislik Hizm.Ltd.Şti., carries out searching process by using latest geophysical equipment in the groundwater searching areas. In this way,not drilling any well and not having too much fiscal problem, in a shorter period you will receive the outcomes whether the water is under the ground or not. If yes, the depth of the water, thickness and which way it is flooding are available to be determined by using the latest technology. Searching water under the ground with latest technological equipment is much more cheaper than drilling well. Searching geothermal water and presenting the analysis of outcomes to the investors are also in scope of our team. Apart from that, determination of salification of the areas, which is the problem of tourism industry, segregation of saluable and potable water are also capable of implementation.

The geophysical methods used for finding archeological remainings is in scope of the archeogeophysic. The followings are available by using the methods in archeogeophysics: *Identifying the boarders of archeological sites, *monitorizing the old city plan and identifying the burried area of remaining and of its depth and shape., *rendering the structure of tumulus and directing the archaeological digging, *identifying the old waterways and underground equipment, *identifying the burried metal objects by means of location, depth and dimensions, *determining the age of civilization, *determining the underground gaps, burried rooms,of location – depth and dimension are available.